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Sathanur Dam

Sathanur dam is located near to Thiruvannamalai. It is constructed across the Pennaiyar river. When going to Thiruvannamalai we can go to this Dam. It has one Crocodile farm, Swimming pool and also Park area.

How to reach from Chennai: From Koyemedu (CMBT) go to Thiruvannamalai (4hrs by bus). There are many buses are available to Thiruvannamalai. From Thiruvannamalai there are many buses are available for Sathanur Dam.


Park Area:

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Sathuragiri is located near Srivilliputhur in Virudhunagar (Dt). It is famous for Sri Mahalingam temple and its herbs around the hills. The famous festival in this temple is Adi Amavasai. The crowd will be more at that time.

How to reach from Chennai: From Chennai take a bus to Srivilliputhur/ alternatively you can reach Srivilliputhur by Train also. From Srivilliputhur take a bus to Vatthirairuppu. From Vatthirairuppu take a share auto/ Bus to Thaniparai which is starting point for Sathuragri hill. 

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Kumbakarai Falls is located near Periyakulam, Theni (Dt). It is a famous shooting spot, many tamil films have been filmed here because of its beautiful loacation. This is the starting point of trekking to Kodaikanal from Periyakulam. This is one of the famous tourist spot in Theni (Dt) .

How to reach from Chennai:

First go to Periyakulam, from Peiryakulam (Theni Dt) you can go to Kumbakarai using Bus or you can hire an Auto. To go to Periyakulam there are many Buses (8 hrs travel) are available from Koyambedu (CMBT). Some of the notable travels are TAT travels, SRM Travels, JOY Travels. If you wish to go by train You can book upto Dindigul Junction, From Dindigul it is only 1.30 hrs travel to reach Periyakulam by bus.

Nearest Places:

Vaigai Dam, Suruli Falls, Sothuparai Dam, Tekkadi, Kodaikanal, Munnar

Road lead to Falls:

Jungle path??!!

Falls Photos:

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