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The Tamils wont forget the help offered by someone and they will be remembered for ever. This is reality that you can see even now. Yes the Pennycuick is a british engineer who constructed the engineering marvelous Mullai Periyar dam which brings the livelihood for the cumbum valley farmers. The dam was planned and built to facilitate irrigation in the southern districts Theni, Madurai, Dindigul, Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram. Even though the british government lost hope on the possibility of dam across Mullai periyar to divert the water to the cumbum valley, the Colonel John Penny cuick who had the hope and succeeded on the construction of dam.

His birth day is on 15th January. Mostly on 14-15 January Pongal (which is thanks giving day by farmers to all the subjects who helped them in the irrigation) will be celebrated across Tamilnadu. The peoples in Theni districs will celebrate his birth day along with pongal and offer their remembrance.

In theni district most of the new born babies and shops are named after him. Most of the farmers house will have his portrait. On his birth anniversary people will gather as large group, prepare pongal and offer their prayer to the portrait of Pennycuick. They will conduct several traditional sports as part of celebrations.

Recently the tamilnadu goverment constructed and opened a memorial for him in the cumbum valley. Surely this memorial will be a worship place for all farmers in theni district and they will show their gratitude to this royal engineer till the end of this world.

Portrait of Pennycuick:


Memorial for Pennycuick:


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Once I was travelling in C51 (Adayar to Tambaram) to reach my room after my office hours I saw this guy. I remember it was around 9PM in the night and all passengers were looking tired the bus driver also. As usual the MTC bus was full of crowd; most of the passengers were youngsters with mix of IT people and daily wages. Among this crowd I saw a man who looked like a salesman, he was wearing one big headset and was writing something in a pad he carried. The surrounding youngsters including myself thought that he was going to advertise about his product in this crowded bus. After writing something he showed that Pad to one side of the bus all were listened and read what was written in that Pad. I was also eager to read what he wrote. He showed his Pad in another side of the bus. I read it; he made all our imaginations were wrong, yes he wrote about the necessity of wearing helmets while driving. He erased his Pad and wrote something then showed the pad once again to the whole bus. This time he wrote about road safety. Like this he created awareness about pedestrian’s safety. By this unique campaign he made his journey as a useful one. He did that service without any hesitation. I wish to appreciate that man by remembering in this Post.

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It happened to see this stranger when I returned from Theni to Dindigul to catch Pandian express to reach Chennai after attending one of my Friend marriage. The TNSTC bus by which I travelled was full of crowd, most of the co-passengers felt uneasy and all were expecting when the bus would reach their stop. Even in that uncomfortable situation, some of the Passengers were speaking in mobile with louder voice as usual. Suddenly the bus was slow and there were some big noise in outside, We all focused our attention in outside to know what happened. There was an accident, some vehicles and peoples around the accident site who were helping the affected peoples. It seems that accident happened long time back the rescue operation was normal but there was no any ambulance or any police. Our bus crossed that place slowly and all of us returned to normal mode, some were explained about the accident with their imagination skills. Now only I saw a man who was speaking in mobile suddenly cut his call and dialed the emergency number 108 and informed about the accident then he continued his old call. In that crowded bus no one thought of dialing the emergency number but he did it and stood out from the crowd, I appreciate his helping tendency and wish to thank him by this post.

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