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Kodaikanal is one of the best spot for natural lovers and a good tourist place. The Princess of western ghats have many attractions.

How to reach from Chennai: 

  • By Road: From Chennai->Trichy->Dindigul->Batlagundu->Kodaikanal. This is the best route to reach Kodaikanal from Chennai by road. From Chennai CMBT direct buses are available to kodaikanal. There are many buses are available from Batlagundu (Vaththalakundu in Tamil ) to Kodaikanal throughout the day.
  • By Train: From Chennai Egmore there are many southern bound trains are available such as Pandian Express,  Nellai Express, Pothigai Express, Pear City Express and Anandapuri Express. By anyone of the train come upto Dindigul/Kodaikanal Road station. From Dindigul/Kodaikanal road you have to reach Kodaikanal by bus/car.

Accommodation Facilities:  

It is better to get ready to enjoy the hills while you are moving up in Ghat road. In Dindigul some budget/luxury hotels are available near to both Railway junction and Bus stand. In Batlagundu/Ghat road junction (after Batlagundu) many marriage halls/Bathing facilities  are available you can use those also suppose if you come as a  group.

As a tourist spot Kodaikanal has many hotels/resorts/villas.  The tamilnadu tourism development corporation also has a hotel Tamilnadu (http://tamilnadutourism.org/Hotels/TTDCHotels/ttdc-kodai.html) in Kodaikanal. The Hotel Tamilnadu has youth hostel which is cheap and best for group stay.

Sight seeing Facilities: In most of the hotels you can get this facility. You can hire a local cap also in kodaikanal.

Where you should stop while moving up:

While you started to move up in your left you can enjoy the beautiful view of Manjalar dam valley. There is a point called Dam Dam parai to park your car and view the beauty of this valley. You can also enjoy the beauty of Eli Val Aruvi (rat tail falls) from this place. There are most beautiful flowers and scenic valleys in the road side which is usual in hills area. After some time you will reach Silver Falls where you can have some tea by hearing the rhythm of falls and you can take some good snaps in front of the falls.

Next stop is Shenbaganur Museum which is maintained by Sacred Heard College. They open only after 9 am so it is better to spend enough time is Silver falls and Dam Dam Parai. You may ask a question is it necessary to visit this museum? Yes it is. Once you come out of this museum you will realize it.

Manajalar Dam view from Dam Dam Parai:


Eli Val Aruvi from Dam Dam Parai:


Silver Falls:

Silver Falls

Places to see in Kodaikanal:

It is better to leave early as possible for sight seeing because the mist will restrict you from visiting some of the places.

Pine Forest – where you can speak with pine trees, run in between them, enjoy the infiltrated sun light through the pine leaves.

Pine Forest

Berijam Lake – You should get prior permission from forest official to visit this natural lake since it is protected bio reserve.

Guna caves – The cave entrance is only available to see. One of the must see place because of the beautiful surroundings.

Guna caves1

Guna caves2

Coakers walk – from this place you can take snaps of green valleys. It has viewing point equipped with telescope, by which you can see the foot hills areas like periyakulam.  A good place to have a relax walk/sit and feel the nature.

Coakers walk

La Saleth Matha Church – Near to Coakers walk. A good holy church in Kodaikanal which is next to TV Relay Station.

La Saleth

Green Valley (Previously called as Suicide point) – Breath taking view of  wonderful valley (hope there would be no mist when you visit).

Pillar Rocks – View of pillar like rocks. Adjacent there is a small park with wonderful flowers  

Kurunji andavar temple – A holy hindu temple dedicated for lord muruga. Palani hills view point is available near to this temple.

Kodaikanal Lake – For boating/Horse riding/Cycling. Near to Bryant park.

Kodaikanal lake

Bryant park – Marvelous collection of flowers, Kurunji plants, Bodhi maram. It has a good play area (only for children). Green fields to lie down our body and to take rest.

Shopping – around the lake you can shop for home made chocolates/Sweater.

Please avoid plastics and carry bags and preserve this praise of nature for our next generation.


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In and around Triuchirapalli there are many attractive places to visit such as Srirangam Ranganathar temple, Thiruvanaikaval Jambukeswarar Temple, The Grand anicut (Kallanai in tamil) which is a century old Dam across the river Cauvery, and Ucchi Pillayar Temple (Rock Fort). Triuchirapalli has better connectivity from across the India by Air, Train and Road.

How to Reach Trichy From Chennai:

There are many buses from CMBT is running daily from Chennai to Trichy. Similary more trains are also available from Chennai Egmore to Trichy Junction.

View of Ucchi Pillayar Temple:

View of Trichy city From the Top of Rock Fort:

Srirangam Temple Tower from the Top of Rock Fort:

Sculptures engraved in the Rock Fort:

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What an architecture!!! What an Engineering skills my ancestors had!!! like this I had many thoughts in my mind while seeing this gigantic Temple. Really an Engineer should visit this temple at least a time in their life.

This temple is also called by the following names Peruvudaiyar Kovil or Rajarajeswaram. A very big thanks to King Raja Raja Chloa I for his gift to this world. UNESCO honored this temple by giving World Heritage status to this temple.

How to reach from Chennai: By Bus – From Koyembedu there are many buses are available to Tanjavur. In Tanjavur You can reach this temple by using local bus / auto. By Train – From Chennai Egmore there are many trains are running daily to Tanjavur. 

Facilities: In Tanjavur there are many hotels available. So no problem for accommodation and food. In side this temple Drinking water, Toilet facilities are available.

The best time to visit this temple is morning/evening to walk slowly and enjoy the every work of this Temple, otherwise you will have to run around the temple because of the hot sun. 

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Thiruvalangadu is a village, situated near Thiruvallur and Arakonam. It has famous Sri Vataaranyeswarar Temple that is very ancient temple which has big history. Amman name is Sri Vandarkulali Amman. That temple is one of the 5 sabhas where lord siva is performing his holy dance. This is Rathina sabha which is first among 5 sabha. All the festivals related Lord siva is being celebrated well here but the notable one is Aarudra darshanam.

Speciality of the Temple: Here the Lord Saneeswara’s son Manthi worshipped Lord Shiva that is called Mantheeswarar. You can get the blessings of Lord Mantheeswarar to get rid of from the bad effects due to horoscope.  Special poojas are being condcted at every saturday.  This is very holy temple, you can feel the blessings in this very peaceful temple.

How to reach from Chennai: By Train-From central catch a train to Arakonam and get down at Thiruvalangadu railway station. From that station you can get a share auto to reach the temple (4kms travel). By Bus – From Tambaram/Avadi catch a bus to Thiruvallur, From Thiruvallur you can get a bus directly to Thiruvalangadu or catch Arakonam bus which goes via Thiruvalangadu.

Facilities: Only small hotels are available since it is a village. It is better to bring the booja things from you home town or from Thiruvallur.

Some of the viewers posted contact details for this temple in comment section.  


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Sathanur Dam

Sathanur dam is located near to Thiruvannamalai. It is constructed across the Pennaiyar river. When going to Thiruvannamalai we can go to this Dam. It has one Crocodile farm, Swimming pool and also Park area.

How to reach from Chennai: From Koyemedu (CMBT) go to Thiruvannamalai (4hrs by bus). There are many buses are available to Thiruvannamalai. From Thiruvannamalai there are many buses are available for Sathanur Dam.


Park Area:

For Further references:


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