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Mens wear:

Dhoti and Shirt:

Traditional Tamilian men’s garments are Veshti(Dhoti in English) and Shirt on Top. Dhoties are mostly white in color with different borders but Shirts can have any color.

Actor Rajkiran in Dhoti:


While in home most of the men wear Lungi also called as Kaili. It looks similar to Dhoti and wearing method is different for Dhoti and Lungi. The below picture shows actor Dhanush and others wearing Lungi in the film Adukalam.

Ladies Wear:

They have many options Skirt, Sudidhar, Halfsaree, Saree

Pavadai (Skirt): In tamil it is called as Pavadai (which means ladies wear).This is opt only for little girls.

Cute Little girls in Skirt:

Dhavani (Halfsaree): It is called as Dhavani in Tamil. A girl looks more traditional if she wears this Dhavani. For traditional celebrations such as Temple festivals, Pongal, Classical Music seasons most of the girls wear this half saree.

Girls in Half Saree:


It becomes the most common wear for women from little girls to aged woman. In sudidhar there are more varieties.


Saree is the wear which adds more beauty to a woman. There are lots of varieties are available in Sarees based on the material it made upon such as Silk saree, Cotton saree and also based on the design. The wearing styles varies based on the region around the world. Sarees are also classified based on the place of manufacturing such as Kanchipuram Silk Sarees, Sakkampatti Sarees, Chinnalapatti Sarees. In tamilnadu the more common styles followed are the normal one, Mami and Village style.

Women in Casual Saree:

Actor Trisha in Pattu (Silk)  Saree: The below images are the examples of silk (Pattu) sarees which adds more traditional and homely look.


Stores :

Some of the Stores where these kind of garments available are listed below,






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