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The Tamilnadu has many temples apart from the famous ones. Lots of Amman temples, Ganesh temples and Murugan temples are there in cities as well as in villages. In most of the Amman temples festivals are occurring in the tamil month of Aadi and Chitthirai. In chennai you can see most of the small Amman temples are in celebration mode in the month Aadi.

A typical village temple festival is conducted in 3 phases.

Announcement Phase:  The first phase is the announcement of celebrations, this is normally done by hoisting a holy flag in a post (called as Kodimaram in tamil and it is typically made up of wood) which is located in the entrance of a temple opposite to the main shrine. It is called as kodiyetruthal (raising the flag) or satruthal (announcement) or Kappukattuthal. After this in the village no one should consume non veg and no one should leave the village.


Celebration Phase: the next phase is festival celebrations. Normally there will be a week time between the announcement and actual celebration day. In between the announcement and celebration the Statue of the God will be taken in a procession normally in the midnight around the village with traditional music and dance (Karakam, Devarattam-folk dance).

The people of the village invites their relatives who lives in near by villages for the festival. On the day of festival every family with their relatives come to temple and offer their prayer. The offer (Nerthikadan or Venduthal) would be done by many ways Theechatti (bringing fire filled pot to temple with spare hands), Kavadi, Vadam ilthual, Ma vilakku, Kann pannai, Mulaipari (normally done by girls), Pookuli (walking in hot lignite), Palkudam etc.





Mulai pari:


Car Festival:

Car festival

End of Festival: the next phase is end of festival. A week later the people offer the prayer once again which is called as Marupoojai (Prayer once again). On this day the villagers play with their relatives by pouring Manjal thanni (water mixed with turmeric power) on each other. Mostly a girl used to pour Manjal thanni  on a boy who has a relationship called Mama.

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