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The Pongal festival is one of the most important festival for Tamilians. It is a harvest festival celebrated by four days. Tamilian thanking Sun, Farmers, Ox and Cows who all are helping in their cultivation in each of the four days. It is celebrated in a Tamil month called Thai (between January and February). The whole week during the Pongal Festival will be in celebration mode across Tamilnadu. Most of the shopping areas will be fully occupied with abrupt seasonal shops which sell products used in Pongal celebrations such as Turmeric plant, Sugarcane, Pots, Color powders.

On BOGI: The First day is called as Bogi Festival when the houses are cleaned, Painted and given color borders on the walls. On Bogi evening in each of the house people will tie with Mango, Neem leaves.

On Pongal: The first day is to thank Sun (Suriyan in Tamil) which is necessary for agriculture. In the early morning the house wife will cook a recipe which is also called as Pongal normally in the outside of the house where we can get sun light. The Pot which is used for cooking tied with turmeric plant and the place is decorated with Rangoli (Kolam in Tamil) and Sugarcane (Karumpu in Tamil). With the cooked Pongal they worship the Sun in their traditional way.

Figure of Pongal where a home maker is preparing pongal and everyone is worshiping.

On MattuPongal: The second day is to thank Ox and cows. On this day the Ox and cows are decorated with Flowers, Color Powders and painting on the horn. They will be tied with Salangai around the neck. This day also People cook Pongal and worship the Ox and Cows. On this day in most of the villages a game called Jallikattu (Taming the Bull in bare hands) will be conducted.

On Kanum Pongal: The third day the tamilian will celebrate Pongal by spending time with their relatives and Friends. They will go to nearby tourist spots and will enjoy by playing some games within themselves. This day is actually to build the relationship among relatives and friends. In chennai the people gather and celebrate Kanum Pongal in marina beach, Vandaloor zoo and Mamallapuram.

Visit Tamilnadu during Pongal festival (normally on January 14-17) and feel the village tradition. The tamilnadu tourism department is also organizing some of the Pongal festival celebrations with traditional games for foreigners.


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